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For a very long time, riding has always been considered a sport reserved for the people who are in the great classes of society. But, this is not at all normal. A sport should under no circumstances be reserved for a particular class. So that's what really drives us to allow everyone to be able to ride. If you notice well, it is not really the fact of enrolling in a riding course that is difficult. What is challenging is having to buy equipment. And in this equipment, there is the famous saddle of horse that we will use on the horse that we will use to train us. But, you do not really have any worry to make you, we have done everything to relieve you a little.

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There is only one place you have to go if you want to find the best horse saddles at prices that challenge any competition. If we are so sure, it is because first of all, it is not brand new saddles that we put on sale but of used saddles. Only, when you see these saddles, you will have a hard time believing that these are really used saddles. From the moment we enter into possession of these used saddles, we pamper them as much as possible. We make every effort to ensure that the day you come to make your choice, that you are truly amazed. No one but you and us will know that it is a used saddle that you use. So, to find the saddle of your dreams, only one address, that of our website. And this address is With all that you will see, you will even have the embarrassment of the choice, you will not really know with which you will want to go back.

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