Read on to find the best deals when looking for that perfect saddle

Finding the perfect saddle for your horse is not always an easy part. Indeed, the saddle is an important accessory, even indispensable for the good practice of the riding. That’s why we’ll guide you to find the best saddle for your horse. But also and most importantly, find the best deals.

Where to buy your future saddle at the best price?

The demand in the saddle is increasing. Each rider wants to have his own saddle, a saddle adapted to the practice of his equestrian sport. To find bargains, the internet seems to be the perfect solution. Indeed, more and more saddlers now have an online sign; In order to reach a wider clientele. This is the case of the site This online store offers a wide variety of stools for all disciplines.

And it is not the saddle dealer to offer riding accessories online at cheap prices. The battle between saddlers and resellers on the internet allows riders to have a more varied choice. In addition, the competition pushes them to sell their accessories at very good prices.

Finally, the internet is full of promos and discount of any kind. Indeed, online sales sites, in order to encourage users to buy via their platform, do not hesitate to make promotions or offer coupons. So these are good deals for your stool purchases.

New or used saddles: what to choose?

Most dealers will offer you new or used stools. Used stools can be very good bargains because they are often cheaper than new stools. Indeed, this is in most cases of reconditioned leather saddles. They are therefore quality accessories, often big brands such as Antares, Delgrange or CWD.

Nevertheless, some used saddles may be more expensive than new stools. This is particularly the case of leather stools, which may be more expensive than new stools made of synthetic material, for example.

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