Should you try a saddle several days before you buy it ?

When buying a saddle, we are often afraid that this one does not correspond perfectly to his horse. Indeed, if appearances can sometimes show the opposite, a badly adapted saddle can cause hidden or even internal damage (muscle damage of the horse, wounds due to friction, etc.). In this case, do you have to try the saddle several days before buying it?

Try the saddle before buying it

A good saddle is an accessory that goes perfectly to your horse but that also offers you absolute comfort. Finding the balance between the comfort of the horse and that of the rider can prove very difficult. This is why, there are specialists of the saddle called saddle fitters. However, the ideal would be to try the saddle directly on the animal before buying it. Thus, it is more reassured on the fact that this accessory is perfectly suited to your mount and is adapted to the equestrian discipline of your choice.

Only then, all traders do not allow users to try their saddles before buying it. Nevertheless, there are saddlers or dealers who offer a few days’ testing so that the buyer can get a clear idea of the product. The latter often ask for a security deposit which will be returned to the buyer if the product does not suit him.

Why is it so important to try your saddle

Stools can be misleading. In fact, you can buy a saddle that seems to fit your horse, but when you play sports, it causes internal injuries (muscles in this case). Thus, to try his saddle a few times makes it possible to detect the different genes that it can cause as well on the level of the horse as of the rider. It is not enough to put the saddle on the horse to know if it is adapted to this one. To make a ride on horseback, to jump obstacles, to put it in certain conditions makes it possible to know if the saddle really holds the road.

In any case, inquire when purchasing your riding accessory, whether it’s a used saddle or a new saddle.

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