Happy and healthy horses

These 5 simple tips are often associated with any horse breed in whatever discipline or work load. By following these simple bits of recommendation, you'll look after your horse in such how which will improve their overall health whilst only pocket money on what they actually need whilst keeping them happy with our hot tub for sale.

Always allow maximum movement

Horses have an innate desire to be constantly on the move. within the wild they're going to need to walk miles every day to seek out enough food. Confinement increases stress, particularly over night when horses are naturally most active. At night, 'predator' risk is bigger therefore the horse's natural survival mechanism is to be at their most alert and active. In fact domesticated horses do not have 'predators' but their brain and innate behaviours are still 'wild' then we should always, wherever is practically possible, allow these natural behaviours to be shown. To encourage weight prone horses to maneuver more when within the field; tape of a 'track' round the edge, let the grass get grazed down tight then offer supplementary forage at various locations. This may encourage the horse to maneuver more to seek out food, mimicking their natural foraging behaviour

Graze and forage on a spread of species

Pasture containing an honest mixture of grasses and herbs or wildflowers will improve your horse’s health on. Often pasture contains little variety with only a couple of species of high sugar grasses which if eaten in high quantities could harm those horses who are sensitive to sugar. Wildflowers and herbs are often deep rooted which allows minerals to be accessed from deeper underground. Allowing horses access to hedgerows is additionally an honest thanks to not only provide natural shelter but also allows them to pick woody plants to extend the range of minerals within the diet. Horses also will often self-medicate and choose plants which can be beneficial to overall health (providing toxic plants are prevented from being eaten like sycamore seeds and bracken).

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