Saddles for horses

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Choosing a saddle can be very complicated if you bought a horse. Indeed it will have to be perfectly adapted to his back so as not to hurt him in the long term and so that he also never has back problems. For this it is imperative to look during the test of the antares saddles, if it does not touch the spine of your horse, depending on the size of saddle it needs. In addition, it is also very important to observe the quarters of the saddle in order to know if these do not completely fold over the ribs of your horse so that it can move without hindrance. Regarding the rider, the saddle must allow you to stabilize in the saddle, to maintain your back while allowing you to descend your legs well along the body of the horse. In addition, to choose the right saddle, you must be sure that the discipline or disciplines that you will practice with your horse. Regarding so-called classic riding, horse equipment can vary according to three disciplines: jumping, dressage or both. Indeed the saddles used are different depending on the choice of discipline. If you are mixed oriented and therefore if you practice several disciplines as an amateur, you should invest in a mixed saddle, which is a very common saddle in equestrian centers since they allow you to be as comfortable in jumping than in pure dressage. Conversely if you are oriented show jumping, you absolutely need a saddle called cso which will have more advanced quarters on the shoulders of the horse. This will allow you to be stable during the gallop but also during the jump to follow the movement of the horse perfectly.


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